Imagine a Day Without Water
I created this video for The Water Tower in collaboration with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. As a driving force behind this project, I aimed to deliver a visually stunning and informative experience that highlights the significance of this concept.
Through heartfelt interviews, these important individuals share their perspectives on the unimaginable consequences of a day without access to clean water. From a city planner who reveals the impact on urban infrastructure, to a local farmer who paints a vivid picture of its effects on agriculture, and a dedicated healthcare professional who emphasizes its implications on public health, these conversations will leave you with a profound appreciation for the value of water.
Phantom Pursuers - Short Film
This video was crafted by filming the actors without divulging the full storyline, allowing for genuine and authentic reactions, akin to the acclaimed film "Coherence." Drawing inspiration from the iconic "The Blair Witch Project," I seamlessly merged elements of horror and comedy to create a unique and engaging experience. My intention was to evoke the feeling of a heartfelt home movie while delivering a thrilling and entertaining journey for the audience. Please explore and enjoy this distinctive horror-inspired comedy film.
Artist v. Non-Artist Draw: YouTube Series
 I also edit videos for the AkiRyu Studios YouTube channel. We makes videos about stories, art, creation, and animation. Brother and sister duo Luke and Courtney spent their young lives writing stories and creating many things, and now they are finally putting all that energy somewhere productive (or at least productive in theory). 

This video series features drawing challenges between a professional artist and a amateur artist drawing various things.
Story Generator Challenge
Also from the AkiRyu Studios Channel, this video feature a story design challenge creating book cover for a fictional book series. We use Photoshop and random online generators to create book cover art. Additionally, we utilize various online generators to come up with ideas for the book series, including names, characters, plot points, and more. Finally, we produce three book covers for the series.

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