Let Me introduce myself...
My name is Luke Dobeck. I was born in Fargo, North Dakota and moved to Dacula, Georgia before I was two years old. Ever since I was a child, I have loved watching films and being a part of homemade movies. I discovered my passion for video editing at a very young age and I strive to make art out of video editing. 

Personal Philosophy:  Go with the flow, and never be anything you are not.
I am interested in films, but more specifically Science Fiction and Fantasy films. Watching something that does not exist, fills me with a sense of wonder and gives me all kinds of incredible ideas. I play video games in my spare time, and I also enjoy watching anime with my family. Over the course of many years, I have curated a taste for video editing, so much in fact that I do it as a hobby. I have played sports like soccer in the past, and still enjoy watching it on TV from time to time. Overall, I find that my interests fall into the fiction category of media more often than non-fiction, and that says a lot about the kind of things I wish to make.
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